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Eastlays was completed before Tunnel Quarry and Monkton Farleigh. While the Army had been building ammunition depots the RAF had been manufacturing ammunition, and so it made sense for the RAF to have Eastlays for the storage of its own war stores.

Eastlays was sold off in 1976 with Monkton Farleigh to the same buyers, and its future was also blighted by the Planning Authorities.

Eastlays Quarry

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CAD Corsham

Sub Depot 2 Eastlays Quarry

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Eastlays in private hands

1976: 'Mushroom plan for the Caves of Death'. A plan to transform Eastlays into the largest mushroom farm in the world was scuttled by the County Council Highways Authority on the basis that local roads were inadequate for the traffic such a venture would generate.

1978: The BBC selected Eastlays as the location for filming 'The Fourth Arm' and an episode of 'Blake's Seven'.

1981: 'Doom City'. Rusepalm Developments had its plans for a nuclear fallout shelter passed by the Highways Authority, despite the fact a surface car park for 3,000 cars was included along with underground accommodation for 10,000 people. However, the company collapsed soon after.

Eastlays Quarry

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