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Monkton Farleigh Mine is the largest of the three Central Ammunition Depots and consists of 80 acres of tunnels and storage districts.

Built during WW2, it was decommissioned in 1965 and sold off in 1976. After many years of fruitless wrangling between landowners and planners, Monkton Farleigh Mine was almost destroyed by theft and vandalism.

In 1984 this once Top Secret establishment was rescued by volunteers who launched an ambitious programme to restore the mine and open it to the public.

Secret Underground City

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Munitions Stored Underground

A New Use For Old Quarries

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'Somewhere within the boundaries of the Southern Command there are what are described in prosaic official language as 'storage areas'. This does not convey information to the enemy or to anyone else. Aerial reconnaissance would disclose nothing but rolling countryside, with wooded hills, picturesque villages, and peaceful pastoral scenery. Many of the local inhabitants are unaware that deep under the earth a wonderful feat of engineering has created a vast bomb-proof store for munitions of war; those who knew kept the secret inviolate.'

The Times, 23 November 1943

Secret Underground City

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