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Warren Row, near Henley-on-Thames, was developed for the manufacture of aircraft components.

It consists of tunnels fifteen to twenty feet wide and about 600 yards in length. Machine tools and benches were lined up against the left-hand walls leaving narrow walkways to the right.

Warren Row was maintained by the Ministry of Supply until 1958 when, during the Cold War, it became a secret, then notorious, Regional Seat of Government.

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Warren Row




The Underground Factories

Warren Row: RSG 6

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'In April, 1963, a small group of anti-nuclear protesters, calling themselves 'Spies for Peace', revealed to the world that the British Government had constructed for its own protection a chain of secret underground bunkers in which the favoured few would sit out the looming nuclear war while the civil population vaporized in the ensuing holocaust.'

Secret Underground Cities

Warren Row

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